Journal Articles

φ Mathieson, D. (forthcoming). Psychological Epiphenomenalism. Journal of Consciousness Studies. Penultimate draft available on PhilPapers here.  

φ Mathieson, D. (2023). Schizophrenic Thought Insertion and Self-Experience. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. 

 A 500 word summary of the paper written for a more general audience was invited and can be found on Imperfect Cognitions here

Book Reviews

Mathieson, D. (2021). Review of Māori Philosophy: Indigenous Thinking from Aotearoa by Georgina Stewart. Eras, 23(1): 70–71.         


Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Identity

Prize-winning essay ($250 USD) written for the Lab42 Essay Competition on training AI in artificial worlds.

Under Review

Consciousness, Causation, and Confusion

A paper on some confusion in the scientific literature on consciousness and causation. 

In Progress

The Functions of Phenomenal Consciousness

The Brain Does Not "Give Rise" to Consciousness

What Psychopathology Teaches